Our Values

We’re about building futures with integrity. Zenergy has always been a business built on relationship-based solutions. We will always be.


Every project is different. Every client is different. And you matter to us.
Zenergy is a business built on relationship-based solutions. We always will be.


Knowledge shapes solutions, solutions shape outcomes, and outcomes contribute to a compelling result. We’re all about solutions. 


We deliver exceptional value at an agreed cost giving you all the home we can within the budget.


Zenergy enjoys a collective legacy of 25 years in the building industry. We’ve learned a lot, and we’re always learning. 


Building a home can be stressful if it’s not managed well. We are intentionally mindful of the building process so that you can focus on the future as we carry the load of planning, scheduling, and working with suppliers.


We build futures by doing as we say we’ll do when we say that we’ll do it. And when the curve balls come, we communicate, and we resolve.  


We are whole-hearted and single-minded in fulfilling our client’s expectations. We have a full quiver of solutions to keep your project moving. 


We’re available whenever you need us, but we’re also responsive to anything that may happen on your home, and we communicate quickly to keep the train moving full steam ahead. 

Our goal is a peaceful, enjoyable
and enduringly positive experience.