Design and Sales Consultant

After years in the hospitality industry, Jorit Naronha began 2021 by setting his sights on the building industry. He hasn’t looked back. His career change was celebrated a year later, being crowned the 2021 Sales Consultant of the Year at a reputable building group.

Jo’s inner drive to succeed, regardless of the challenges, is supported by an assertive and optimistic personality. His prolific work ethic and tenacity are coupled with precise, competent, and personal service that results in realistic expectations and exceptional service delivery.

He is creative and innovative, working closely with clients to uncover unique design solutions and possibilities of stretching the budget to deliver the very best result.

Jo relentlessly ensures that each project is roaring at the starting blocks and set for a compelling outcome through to the finish line.

Work with us.

With 25 years collective experience selling 900+ homes, our sales team is focused in creating a better experience, our proven methods and trusted approach, gives Zenergy the edge.