Our Process

At Zenergy, relationships are king, but serving those relationships is an intentional process. It’s from this process that possibilities emerge, solutions are identified, and enduringly positive pathways of progress are created.

 We listen

Two ears, one mouth - that’s where we begin. While we’re loaded with experience, creativity, and solutions, we know it counts for little until we lean in and listen. Our goal is to understand yours—the dream for your home and your future. As we unpack your goals and requirements, we can curate our experience to best serve you. 


 We Advise

One size doesn’t fit all. It never has. So, we present options from the brief of your project that we’ve established by listening to your dreams and preferences, your budget and your timeline. We recommend possibilities for location (if that’s relevant), a vision for design, the best alternatives for financing the project, and how we can move from ideation to the construction of your new home. Every challenge presents an opportunity and armed with decades of experience, we can identify many. 


 We implement

By now, we have a mutual understanding of where we’re heading, and we get busy with land acquisition (if that’s on the ‘to-do’ list), with design and tendering to arrive at a starting point that’s both finely crafted and constructed and affordable. We’re passionate about extracting all the value we can from your budget, so our implementation includes tendering, scheduling, consultation and any variations you’re after before nailing down a plan to which everyone’s accountable.  


 We Manage

Here’s where we shine—our tenacity, assurance, dedication, and solution-hunting keep driving your project forward. So many projects get to Stage Three well enough, but when the soil is turned and the foundation is poured, the eyes can start drifting away from the task at hand. It’s where we dig in. We choose builders who share our passion for quality and progress, which puts us miles ahead in managing the process, but we keep our eyes on the prize until the final siren.  


 We Deliver

When a project has proceeded as we’d agreed it would, when quality is easy to see, when the timeline is intact, and when the budget is honoured, handing the keys of your new home to you is one of the most pleasurable experiences imaginable. Ultimately, delivering well is the culmination of determination, empathy, single-mindedness, respect and relationships. The outcome is a smooth journey: meaningful results, an enduringly positive experience, and the delivery of your project with joy. 


Our Core Strengths

Our process is one of the few things that remains the same from project to project. From it come compelling outcomes.

Our goal is a peaceful, enjoyable
and enduringly positive experience.