Kazia brings a decade of building experience to the table and a humble, patient and empathetic nature so that her clients win big!

She’s meticulous, thorough and efficient, with a desire to set reasonable expectations with her clients and deliver unbeatable service along the journey.

Armed with a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) and a Certificate in Coaching, Kazia is the glue that holds many of our client relationships together. She works with clients on their prestart preparation, enduring their equipped with options and the latest market trends as they make their selections.

Kazia engages with clients regularly, providing them with updates on the progress of their project and ensuring that the completed construction meets their expectations.

Kazia is quick to identify solutions if any issue arises and equally quick to communicate that solution to all involved. Her immediate attention to problems enables them to be resolved quickly before they can affect timelines or budgets.

Every business needs at least one brilliant gatekeeper and administrator. Kazia leads our team of problem-solvers and idea-generators so that our projects aren’t only completed and astutely executed with outstanding results.

Work with us.

With 25 years collective experience selling 900+ homes, our sales team is focused in creating a better experience, our proven methods and trusted approach, gives Zenergy the edge.